DIY Swim Lessons

The perfect DVD for the busy parent, forget about spending hours driving to and from swimming lessons, Splish Splosh Splash DIY swimming lessons DVD has been produced to teach your children the basics of swimming and water safety in the pool. Created with the benefit of over twenty years swimming experience by Australian Swimming Instructors, Splish Splosh Splash is a guide for a fun interactive under 5 swimming lesson.

During 2009/10 33 young children (0-4 years old) drowned in Australia and therefore it is imperative that children are taught to swim from as early as possible. Following Splish Splosh Splash simple and easy to follow instructions will teach your child important water safety techniques.


Get your baby to feel confident and relaxed in the water and make swimming a fun way to exercise for both of you. In this DVD we will show you the basics on water safety and water familiarisation through songs and fun in the water. You can watch this at home together and then try it out in your pool, your friend’s pool or a public pool.

How to use your Splish Splosh Splash DIY swimming lessons DVD

The DVD is broken into three options:

1.     Play all, This is the lessons and top tips.

2.     Lesson, This is just the lessons

3.     Top tips, This just the top tips


Parents should watch both the play all and top tips option to familiarise themselves with the lesson plan prior to the first lesson and each subsequent lesson.

Parent and Child

Before the lesson both the parent and child should watch just the lesson. The parent needs to get involved in the class by singing along and constantly telling their child that they can do it. Once the child is familiar with the songs you can both go in and have some fun.

When and how often should we practice?

You should be doing this lesson once or twice a week or more if you have time. After a couple of weeks your child will show improvement in all areas. Don’t ever pressurise your child let them lead you. The more you watch this DVD at home the easier it will be when you take them to the pool. Children learn through play and repetition. Good Luck!

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