Itchy Feet Media  is a sunshine coast based production house specialising in producing and directing local and international TV shows.

Over the last ten years we have produced and directed over 200 House Hunters International (HHI) shows across South East Asia. HHI is a real estate/travel show that is aired on the House & Garden Network in the States that enjoys cult status and receives over 10 million views per episode.

We have over 25 years’ experience in both production and creative roles and has worked with all sized budgets from Big Brother, X Factor to small local businesses. We are a performance driven team who provide high quality and comprehensive communication solutions for our clients irrespective of budget.

We offer expertise in every step of the production process, from concept development and script writing through to filming, editing, motion graphics, animation and more…..

Anita Poteri Auckland


I started in the TV industry in 1995 as a runner and soon after my first job I worked my way up the ladder, zigzagging from production to the creative side giving me vast experience in all facets of the media industry.  I have worked for over 10 years in various London based TV companies and since returning to Australia have worked for Leopard Films USA and Talkback Thames TV on X Factor UK. 

Leopard Films USA (2009 to present)

Producer/Director for “House Hunters International”, “House Hunters Reno” and ” House Hunters Off the Grid” over 200 episodes in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific islands.

Leftfield Pictures (2015 to 2016) 

Producer/Director for Tiny House World

Lovesmith Media (2013-2015)

Creative Director, Line Producer developing digital marketing strategies for companies using Youtube channels and social media. 

Boundless (Fremantle Media UK)

Director for “The Apprentice”

Talkback Thames TV (2010)

1st Assistant Director/ Location Manager in Sydney and Port Douglas on X Factor UK

Leopard Films USA 2009/2010

Producer/Director for House Hunters international 15 episodes in Australia, New Zealand & Vanuatu.

Endemol UK Group (1999-2005)

Production Manager Ground Force, Grass Roots, Food & Drink, Charlie & the Duchess and You Can’t Take it With You.
Co-ordinator Tranny of The Year, Millennium Concert, and Miss World.
Directors course for Metroland.

Okey Dokey Productions

Producer   The Working Visa

Disney Channel/Buena Vista Productions

Production Manager/script writer for Dangerous Boys

Antelope Productions

Production Coordinator for Rebel Music – doco on Bob Marley 

Sky TV

Researcher/ Prize coordinator for Boiled Egg and Soldiers and Goulashed

Grant Naylor Productions  

3rd Assistant Director for Red Dwarf

Runner 10%ers